A review from 10/20/19: Simply the best! Elite Provider! Once in a lifetime Experience!

A review from 10/10/19: Dahlia was amazing and with her is an experience, not just a simple encounter. She is very intelligent and our conversation was amazing. She is very natural and the date was flawless. She has an amazing location and I liked to get to know her. I am definitely looking forward to my next visit.

A review from 5/23/19:

My checklist for Dahlia based on our 7 dates:

“Depending on your particular criteria for evaluating potential companions you may well find that Dahlia comes close to being an ideal choice. Let's see if she checks all the boxes on your list.

Dahlia answers texts and other communications promptly. Her Portland incall is her home that is located in a nice residential neighborhood. It is reasonably close to a freeway (I-205). Parking is never a problem. Dahlia is always ready at the agreed upon meeting time and looks very sexy when she answers the door. As soon as her guest is inside the house she gives him a big hug and a deep French kiss. The parts of her house that I have seen are always clean. The playroom has a bed, pillows, a chair, a mirror, lots of toys, a well-padded carpet, candles, and adjustable lighting.

Among her many attributes is the fact that she has a very extensive menu that I would describe as GFE +. (BBFS is, of course, excluded.) It has been my experience with Dahlia that almost any activity that I suggest gets an enthusiastic response. … During the activities, she is very responsive, active, and gives a great deal of verbal feedback. She did, however, mention in passing that it bothers her a little if a guy does not want to kiss her on the mouth. (I am certainly not one of those guys.) When the activities and cuddling are over, Dahlia joins her guest in the shower.

As I have noted in previous reviews of Dahlia, she is very nice looking and shapely. Even more important she is thoughtful, very intelligent, educated, and, so far as I can tell, an all-around classy lady. I have had the good fortune to have seen a lot of great providers in the Portland area, so the fact that I have chosen to visit Dahlia seven times gives some indication of how highly I think of her. If your criteria for evaluating a provider are anything like mine, Dahlia will check most, if not all, of the boxes on your list. The only proviso that I would add is that after seeing Dahlia, most other providers may seem a little inadequate.”

A review from 12/18/18:

“Was lucky enough to meet Dahlia last week for an afternoon tryst while she was visiting chilly Seattle. 

What a time! She met me at the door in full high-heel regalia, a smile, a big hug and a long soft kiss. Then we settled to the kitchen for a glass of wine and a get-to-know-you chat as friendly and casual as could be. When we retired to inner rooms I was at ease with a kind, funny, highly erotic woman who seemed to be looking forward to the next chapter every bit as much as I was. 

She is amazing to be with. Her palette favors colorful adventuresome flavors, while I prefer shades of rich vanilla. We worked out a neopolitan compromise which blew my, errr, mind. Leisurely tender goodbye. 

She's a gem.”

A review from 12/8/18:

I had read dahlia's reviews and they were good but not really over the top. But I knew I wanted the experience. 
A former acquaintance wrote a song, " Are you Experienced", And after 8 years of hobbying , yes, I thought I was experienced. After seeing Dahlia, not even close to experienced. Dahlia was so many levels above what I had seen and done in my past 8 years. I don't know if I could ever reach that level in my lifetime. 
If you go and see dahlia, just be ready for everything and anything, and be physically open to all that she does. 
Simply Freaking Amazing. MIND BLOWING
Thank you!”

A review from 11/14/18:

"This was my 3rd 2 hour heavenly honeymoon adventure with Dahlia. I can honestly say that she is my "perfect provider" :

Appearance - smoking hot looks, beautiful, petite, busty 

Experience - 2 hours of non stop passion and pleasures that complement my favorite activities.

Accommodations - well appointed romantic 5 star accommodations and amenities

Session preparation & follow thru - always professionally done, 100% reliable, she loves to tailor adventure to ones fantasy including the type of sexy outfits AND always follows thru. 

Communication - crystal clear, prompt and reliable direct communication with her (without the use of an assistant so you know you are communicating directly with her)

Timeliness - once session is scheduled (in my case, usually a week in advance), it occurs exactly per plan (so no cancellation or reschedule disappointments)

Intangibles - Dahlia has a spirit of kindness and she sincerely loves what she does. She is highly motivated to ensure that as many mutual [redacted] as possible are reached.

Dahlia is my perfect provider

Dahlia: Thank you very much"

~Business Gentleman, Seattle

A review from 10/7/18:

I’m going to keep this short because I can’t do this review justice by trying to put into words my encounter with Dahlia. She is an incredible, sexy, mature, beautiful, and amazing woman! The experience was more similar to reconnecting with a long lost lover than anything else. All of her many 5 star reviews speak for themselves. I will repeat, repeat, repeat…with this woman and can’t wait until I see her again! I might just consider moving to the Portland area lol!! Need I say Highly Recommended!!

~BellevueGent, Bellevue